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      • [2017-08-03 ]Traditional agriculture is facing challenges, and the importance of comprehensive weight of modern agriculture is prominent

        At present, China's agricultural development is facing many challenges, such as food supply and food safety of natural resources and ecological and environmental challenges, challenges, mode of operation and economic benefits of the challenge, how to break the bottleneck of the development of agriculture has become the key for future development.

      • [2017-08-03 ]To be efficient battery ""

        The modern talents a "battery theory", said the life is only one charge of "dry battery era" has been in the past, only to become a "battery", efficient uninterrupted continuous charging, can continuously release energy.

      • [2017-08-03 ]Alkaline battery new breakthrough: rechargeable aluminum instead of zinc

        Alkaline batteries are cheaper and are less likely to burn than lithium batteries, and the only drawback is that they cannot be recharged. However, the startup Ionic Materials will launch a new breakthrough in August 3rd to become a substitute for solid alkaline batteries such as lithium battery with high power storage technology, applied directly to the PC, mobile phone or smart electric vehicle.


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