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      With Chenhua in China

      Product description

      Let us be closer to freedom

      Flowers with - because we are together, the most precious wealth, not because of material, money can make us get happy, but rather in the flower, let the life become free, better health for both mind and body, let the entrepreneurial environment become more joy and comfort

      Address: huifeng road, zhongkai high-tech zone and huaxing road intersection (with TCL display technology)

      Traffic condition: the five-minute project of the project is a light rail link station, citic huizhou hospital, T - PARK fashion square, wan xinjia shopping supermarket, zhongkai grand world business entertainment center, lai xingda shopping square; 20 minutes to the Hong Kong huixintiandi business circle. Take the bus to zhongkai bus station to reach the project.

      Telephone: 8888499

      Huaxing company
      地址:Zhong Kai Hi-tech Development Zone, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province Huaxing Road on the 3rd